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Newborn Pictures of Baby Addison

Take a look at these newborn photos we did of baby Addison. Addison’s parents have been wanting a baby for many years and they are so blessed to have this beautiful redheaded girl in their lives.

Addison’s newborn session was so wonderful. She was just over 3 weeks for her session and she slept the entire time. First, we swaddled her to get some more traditional wrapped photos. The white blanket really showed off her beautiful red hair! Her parents loved the feminine pink wrap and roses in this set.newborn photography houma la shades of scarlett kirk voclain addison 01

In the next set we incorporated some personal items including a blanket with Addison’s name, an “A” with her birth weight and time, and her very own tutu. I love when parents bring personal items to their newborn session! It makes every session different and adds a personal touch to the photos.

newborn photography houma la shades of scarlett kirk voclain addison 02

Addison’s dad is a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs so he definitely wanted to incorporate that into Addison’s newborn session, especially since the Cubs had won the World Series right before Addison was born. Addison’s dad had a special Cubs jersey made for her to take pictures with, a World Series onesie for her to wear, and a special World Series baseball with her footprints on it. This was one of their favorite images from the session!

newborn photography houma la shades of scarlett kirk voclain addison 03

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Commercial Photography | Bayou Granite | Houma LA

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Doing Commercial Photography of Granite (Unlike Food Photography) certainly presents a bit of a problem. But thanks to Bayou Granite in Houma, LA it was super easy. In this blog post we are going to talk a bit about the shinny nature of granite and the lighting of it.

commercial photography kitchen granite houma lacommercial photography bath granite houma la commercial photography shower granite houma la

Commercial Photography on Shinny Granite

The shinny nature of granite certainly presents a bit of a problem.Granite is polished and polished to a super shine and with that come some strange reflections if it is not done correctly. The look is that it is wet when it’s not. It’s just the the human eye, which is wet. If there were no reflection in the eye, it would not appear wet. If there were no reflection in granite it would also not appear shinny. So you need the reflection of the light, however you do not want that reflection to take away from the color, lines, and over all look of the granite.

As a professional commercial photographer, the real trick that you need to balance is the connection between the shine, reflection, line, shape and overall look of the granite. This granite from Bayou Granite is clearly top notch quality. The better the product the easier it is to photograph. In all of these image you can see a tiny bit of reflection in the granite, but it does not take away from the over all look of the product.

Commercial Photography Lighting Granite

The trick in Commercial Photography is to make the product look natural, just like it is in real life. The lighting is tricky because it can be over thought. In these images you can tell that the lighting is presenting the product in a real life environment, in the home. So, you need to not only like the product, but you need to light what is around the product. In the shower image the challenge was the dark nature of the granite. If you put too much light on it, the granite would wash out. But by putting just the right amount of light, the granite looks fantastic.

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How To Become a Model | Houma | New Orleans

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The most common question I get at Kirk Voclain Photography is, “how do I become a model?.” To help you out, we have broken it down to 5 easy steps. Take a few moments and read everything carefully and then let us help you become the best model you can be.

The Model Headshot

Head Shot Model for Modeling Houma New Orleans

The first thing you need is an awesome, and I mean AWESOME head shot for your model portfolio. Modeling Agencies are looking for a nice headshot. They are going to want both smiling and not smiling images. Remember, your face is your product. It is what you are selling. Your face is like the Apple logo on a Mac computer or the McDonald’s Arch in the McDonalds Hamburger Restaurants. It is THAT important. This is why it is critical that you get a Headshot that will blow the socks off of anyone who looks at it.

From there, you are going to want some full body shots, and some 3/4 shots. You want to wear form fitting clothing like jeans or other pants and probably a nice tank top or t-shirt.  If you are OK with wearing a swimsuit then bring it along. However, a swimsuit is usually best photographed on location, like at a swimming pool or beach. All of this can be accomplished over time. Most models want to come in for a photoshoot multiple times. it is nothing for a model to come in dozens of times, each time adding a bit more to their modeling portfolio. Each time you come in for a photoshoot, you get better and better! And so do the images that you take as a model.

For the guys, you need to show off your “guns”, show those muscles. The agencies want to see how fit your are, so plan to do a few images with something like just blue jeans in at least one of your photos.

The Photo Shoot

Model portfolio houma la New Orleans

How many times have your heard, “…you are so pretty, you should be a model!” That is probably why you are here now reading about what you have to do.

It’s awesome to be pretty or hansom. However, have you ever watched “America’s Next Top Model” and thought, hey, I’m better looking that that person!!! Well, that is because Model Agencies want different thing. They want a DIFFERENT LOOK, unique looks, they want special.

At the photoshoot, we will show your how to pose and what to do so that you look your best. Worry not, the photoshoot is the most fun of this whole process. You will not have to worry about anything, just plan to sit back and learn and have fun. We do it all for you.

At the photoshoot, make sure your makeup is simple yet the way you normally wear it. Not over done. We want you to look like you.

School or Agency?

Put simple, an Agency pays you! But if it’s a school you pay the school. So be very careful, many new models find that they are tricked into joining a modeling school that promises to act as an agency. There job is to get your money and then teach you modeling. Now, if that is what you are wanting, GREAT! There are a ton of things you can learn from a modeling school. But we just wanted you to know for sure the difference, you need to think about what is motivating them.

Know What You Want From Modeling

model houma la modeling Kirk Voclain

So now you are ready to be the next “Supermodel”. But you need really know what you want from modeling. Most models at the new stage are just really in it to have some fun. That is a great attitude. To be the next supermodel, you can only imagine how many people are pass over before that one person is picked. Another thing to come to grips with is your height. I have had models who are 5 foot 4 ask me if there is any way they can be a  fashion or runway model? Most probably, the answer is no, unfortunately. So be realistic, there are all kinds of models, for example, the short list:  Commercial Models, Plus Size Models, Petite Models, Child Models, Swimsuit/Lingerie Models, Glamour Models, Fitness Models, Fit Models, Parts Models, Promotional Models, Mature Models, etc. I’m sure I’m that list you can find something other than Fashion Models, Editorial Models, or Runway Models.

So, have a great attitude, have some fun!!! Put together a great portfolio of what you do best and what you are capable of doing and start showing it off to everyone! Every agency, posting it all over the internet! EVERYWHERE!!! It’s all about exposure at this point. But do not stop!!! Keep at it…keep showing it off to everyone you can. Remember, being a really successful model will mean you have to be rejected over and over again before you find that perfect fit for you.

To be a Model You Need to Keep at it


Becoming a model takes time, it never happens overnight. There are so many rejections before you find that perfect agency who will sign you.

However, I do know this, with a bad portfolio, it will be even harder to get signed. So, let us help! Have a great attitude, stay positive, and have fun.

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