Food Photography, Simple and Complicated

Food Photography can be both simple and complicated. In this blog post we are going to look at both the simple and the complicated for Food Photography.

Light Painting

The above image is an example of Light Painting. This is a very complicated approach to Food Photography. The way it works is your set up the scene in a totally dark room. Then you open the camera, but because there is not light, nothing is happening. Next, you take a small pen light and you wave it around the image like you would use a paint brush on a painting, As a result, you end up with an image that is surreal, looking more like a painting instead of a photograph. The process is super slow and thus expensive. But the results, as you can see are simple amazing!

You can watch a 2 minute video of me making the above image here:

Continuous Lighting

The above image is an example of a Continuous Lighting. In other words, the lights are always ON. The technique is simple and fast to set up and break down. For that reason, it is often done at the location where the food is located. For that reason it is much more cost effective.

You can watch a short video of me making this image here:

So, if you are looking for a way to spice up your restaurant, why not have us come by and get some images like you see above of your dishes. This kind of image is perfect for Social Media, and because of the affordable price, you can have it done often!!

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Real Estate Photography Helps Sell Property FAST!

Real Estate Photography Important

Why do you think it’s so important that you have a great real estate photographer? Oh sure, anyone can take a picture! In fact, everyone has a camera these days on their cell phone. But is that really good enough? NO, it’s not! WHEY??? The reason is simple, today, people look at the internet to search for new homes. If your property is not perfectly represented and displayed with exceptional professional real estate photography, well, you are just not using all the tools at your disposal!!!

Take a look at these images. The top image is photographed with a cell phone, the bottom image is done by a professional photographer.

Houma Real Estate Photography Professional Real Estate Photography Thibodaux Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Matters

As you can see in the above images, it really does matter what you present. When looking at these images, would YOU buy the house done with the cell phone photos? Probably not!!!! That is what potential clients think when they see poor photography.

In times past, people would ride around and they would look at houses from the curb, from their car. Thus the term “Curb Appeal” came into existence. Today, people do the same thing, but they do it from the comfort of their living room. On their phone, iPad, and computer!!! Make sure your real estate photography is done right! The only way that can done is you MUST hire a Professional Photographer!!!

Kirk Voclain Photography has been doing Real Estate Photography now for many years. Our goal is to produce the very best!! THE VERY BEST images possible that will help sell your home fast!! And, here is the really beautiful thing about real estate photography, not only does real estate photography sell your home fast, it sells it closer to list price!!!

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I have learned my craft from so many awesome photographers from all around the world, here is a short list of some of those photographers:  Scott Crosby, Bruce Hudson, Scott Kelby.