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With High School Senior Portraits, “The Flare” for many years was considered a mistake. Now days, it has become something that High School Seniors want! Learn how to make a flare and more in todays blog post!

Sample Images of High School Senior Portraits

Check out these High School Señor Portraits. They are all examples of “The Flare”.

high school senior portraits flare houma thibodaux gallianohigh school senior pictures boy flare houma thibodaux gallianohigh school senior pictures flare houma thibodaux gallianohigh school senior pictures girl flare houma thibodaux galliano

Notice in all of those examples you see some kind of sun-flare. The technique is often times done by mistake by not having a lens hood on your camera. But it can also be done on purpose. Let’s talk about how to do it.

Making a Flare

First, you got to have the sun in your image. You have to also have some very powerful lighting equipment. Notice the 2 images of the boy and the girl High School Senior Portraits with the blue sky. Those are done by shooting straight into the sun and then having a light that is more powerful than than the sun. You just put more light on the High School Senior and just like that you have a sun flare in the back of your seniors. Now you need to fully understand shutter speed, X sync, and flash speeds to fully pull this off. Hiring a professional photographer can help you get this look in your High School Senior Portraits! Having the right Senior Outfit can help you too, read my blog post about Senior Outfits.

The other examples of the 2 girls with the green around them is another type of flare that requires less light power. You need to properly position your camera so that the sun is making a flare on the lens. Take off your Lens Shade if you have one on your camera. Most amateur photographers do not even know what a lens shade is. They Never put it on. But all real professional photographers will have on on their lens. Most of the time, this type of flare can be seen in the camera so making it is a bit easier.

Posing for High School Senior Portraits with Flare

You need to have just the right pose for a flare shot. Many times, it’s a Senior Head Shot. Also, you got to have the right kind of Props too! All of this comes into play! Make sure you hire an experienced professional photographer for your High School Senior Portraits so you can get just the right look!

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Senior Portraits Paint Props | Studio Lighting | Houma

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One of the things I love the most about Senior Portraits is the cool props that they bring, like Paint!!!! In the senior pictures on this post, you can see that Jami really had a great time with us. This is what happens when an artist and a photographer come together and our minds meet.

Kirk voclain senior portrait paint studio houma la Kirk voclain senior portrait paint studio floor houma la Kirk voclain senior picture paint studio houma la Kirk voclain senior picture paint hands studio houma la

To pull off props like you see in these senior pictures, you have to really know what you are doing! The paint must be non toxic and something that will not mess up your clients skin. So be very careful when doing these types of senior portraits. The Senior Outfit too must be properly matched to the paint and the background. What we do is we have the Senior mess up a nice white tee shirt so that it’s ready to go, dry and perfect for the portrait. Usually, with a white shirt, that means that a nice white background is needed to make your subjects face really come out of the scene!!!

Super Fun Senior Portraits when we use Paint as our Props

As you can see on the face of Jami, she is having a whole lot of fun doing these images. If you ware worried that it will mess up your makeup or hair, don’t worry, we always do this last so we can make a huge mess and we end up with super fun senior portraits. As you can tell in the picture, I just had to get in on some of the fun!!!!

Kirk voclain photographer artist paint senior picture

Do you want to have fun with Your Senior Portraits?

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