Extreme Senior Model Program

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Our Senior Models from Houma, Thibodaux, Galliano and all of South Louisiana, I’m glad you are on this page! This means you are interested in being a Senior Model. Don’t be forced into signing a contract, this time of your life is too short for that! Our Senior Model Program is a “no rules”, upfront program! Keep reading to learn more.

Extreme Senior Model Program Kirk Voclain Photography

Who can be a SENIOR MODEL?

In keeping with our “no rules” policy, the straight up answer is anyone!! We don’t pick special group of Seniors!? Nope, all you have to do is BE a senior and presto, you are a Senior Model!! At Kirk Voclain Photography we treat every customer special!! That is why ALL of the Seniors that we photograph look like they are models!!!

 How is it possible that EVERYONE can be a Senior Model?

So many photographers these days have Senior Model Programs. They have some really cute names for them too! But bottom line, you are then tied into that photographer for your whole senior year!! Many will even make you PAY high prices for your senior pictures up front. At our studio, we have a simple policy! That means you are free to just be a senior. No picture taking in the crazy hot summer months!! Yuck!!! Who wants to do that??? Kirk Voclain Photography just lets you come when we have great weather!!! This coming senior year should be all about YOU!!! NOT, all about advertising for some photographer.

But what about the DEALS for being a Senior Model?

Oh sure, we’ve got some super cool deals for High School Senior Models!!! Just schedule your session in October, November, or December and Kirk Voclain Photography will give you $100 OFF your session fees!! No catch 22, and most of all “no money” up front! You do not pay for anything until your session is over!! Plus, you have to be crazy happy with everything we do, EVERY SHOT, or you don’t pay at all!!!! How cool is that!!! So we are inviting every High School Senior in the Houma, Thibodaux, Raceland, Galliano and all of the South Louisiana area to sign up!!! You’ve got nothing to lose with us!

Click here for more info about high school senior pictures.

I’ve heard that you are expensive, is that true?

We’ve heard this for years now! Here is the reason why people THINK this is the case. It’s because our senior pictures look so awesome! It’s also because of all the time we are willing to spend with you. Finally, it’s because of our over 40 years of experience that we know all the finer details of lighting, posing and award winning editing! YES, our senior pictures just look perfect! So, very often, people CONCLUDE that our senior pictures MUST be expensive??? But the simple fact of the matter is, our pricing is the same or even a bit lower than all of the other photographers in town. Think about what that means, you get better pictures that cost less!!! Seems crazy doesn’t it, well here is why we can do that. The building where our studio is located is owned by us!! We OWN the building, studio, and property! We don’t rent a space!!! Thus I save you that massive expense!

Click here to get more info about our senior picture pricing.

Here is a direct link to my senior pictures price list.

Go here if you would like to look at images on my Blog Senior Pictures Page.

 Explain the “NO RULES” Senior Model Program.

  1. NO RULES!!!
  2. See rule number one if you think there is a catch 22.
  3. You pay nothing up front! You have to love what we do or you just don’t pay!
  4. You have to be a high school senior. Is that a rule?? I don’t think so, it logic, it a program for seniors.
  5. You come in and take senior pictures when you want, but if you come in Oct., Nov., or Dec., you get $100 off your session fees and we use your images in social media advertising.
  6. You get the best price from the best photographer with the most experience!!! Total win – win for you. No hassles, no contract, no paying up front.

IF all of this sounds great, call, text, or email us and let us get you on our schedule. After you scheduled, we will then photograph you and make the best senior portraits you have ever seen!!! Enjoy your senior year!!!!

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