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Food Photography is truly an Art. If someone can photograph food they can photograph just about anything. Take al look at the image of the Brownie, does it make you want it? Food Photography Houma New Orleans LouisianaDo you sorta begin to taste it, just by looking at it? If you answered yes, then we did our job as a Food Photographer. In food Photography, there are subtle and slight changes to the light, focus, angle and pose that forces your eye to the exact spot that the photographer and advertiser wants you to look! In this sample of food Photography of the brownie, do you see how you are forced to look at the cherry on the top of the ice cream? Sure you do! Take note that this is the sharpest part of the image. This makes you look right at that spot. Do you see how the red cherry is sitting in an overall area of white? The ice cream under the cherry and the plate behind it are all white. This makes the cherry the thing of greatest contrast in this image. Again, this is a trick to make you look at a specific spot. It makes you want that cherry and this is the goal of the advertiser. There are so many tittle factors like this in food Photography. These are just some of the factors that go into food Photography. We have not even talked about the purpose of the spoon, the color of the table, and the angle of the plate. All these things are carefully planned, thought about, and factored into when doing great food Photography.

Kirk Voclain Photography has been carefully learning the true Art of Food Photography for decades! It this much detail and thought goes into a single plate of brownies and ice cream with a cherry on top, can you imagine how much thought goes into a senior portrait, a baby picture, or a family portrait?

When it just has to be the best, experience counts! We have over 40 years in professional photography! Give us a call and let us help you with your needs. Even if it’s something as complex as food Photography!!

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