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Business Headshot – Why So Important

Your Business Headshot is so important today. Why, you may ask? Why can’t I just take a selfie with my cellphone for my Headshot? Does it really make a difference? How much does a Business Headshot cost? Well I’m here to answer all these questions for you!

Your Business Headshotis is so important because your business is important! A friend told me a long time ago that if they love YOU, then they will love YOUR Busines. The first step to someone loving you is for them to see you. Then need to see your awesome Headshot!

Think about the face of other, famous, businesses, the Business Headshot is always in the front. Companies like McDonalds, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple! When you think of these companies you think of a face, a person, a personality!

This is how it needs to be with your company and your Professional Business Headshot.

Business Headshot – No Selfies!

I cannot believe this needs to be said when discussing Professional Business Headshots, but it does. Every day I see horrible business headshots that are costing business thousands of dollars done with a cell phone?!?! I know it’s very easy to use your cell phone, but if you lose money because of it, is it right??? Hardly!!

Business Headshot – Does It Really Make A Difference?

Simply put, YES IT DOES!! Take a look at the following business headshots. Notice the pose, lighting, clarity, and the e pressions on the face of these business owners. With out knowing what business they are in, you can tell from the Headshot something about each person. You can since their personality’s and even somewhat their actual job title. This is the true Power of a Professional Business Headshot!

Business Louisiana Head Shot

Houma LA Business Head Shot Houma La Resturant Business Headshot Thibodaux LA Business Headshot Real Estate Business Headsht

How much does a Business Headshot cost?

We have a new Pricing Structure for “BUSINESS HEADSHOTS”. You pay only $99 and you then you have full rights to  your image to use as you please. This fee includes all photography, editing, enhancing, and then full rights.

It take less than an hour and in most cases if you do fast food, you can do it on your lunch hour! Give us a call to schedule your session today: 985-851-4314

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Product and Food Photography is also one of our specialties.

If you want something really special check out our art that can be applied to your products.

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