Louisiana Alligator Art

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Louisiana Alligator Art piece is my latest Art Print! The title is Alligator Intellect. Check it out…let me know what you think! I have several now with a total Louisiana Alligator Art theme!!!Louisiana Alligator Art

How Was Alligator Intellect Created

The process is quite remarkable! It’s kinda complicated and extremely long but I will do my best to explain it. The process begins with a title. As you already know this Louisiana Alligator Art piece is titled “Alligator Intellect”. You see, my wife Tammy has a love for Alligators. She has a huge collection of skins, heads, trinkets, and books. Thus I dedicated this Louisiana Art Piece to her.

After we got the title down, the next step in the process is assembling all the elements into a cohesive display that tells a story. You also have to select the correct camera angle, proper lens, and decide what direction the light is going to be coming from.

After all of that is done, setup and ready, then you have to turn off all the lights in the room. TOTAL DARKNESS!!! With no lights on in the room, the camera can be opened and because the lights are turned off, the digital chip is not being exposed. It’s as if the camera shutter is still closed. At this point, you can walk in front of the camera and nothing is happening.

Remember I told you the creation of this Louisiana Alligator Art piece was complicated. Hahaha. Next, you take a special tiny flashlight, that fits in your hand much like an artist paint brush. With this tiny flashlight, you begin to apply light to the screen just like an artist applies oil, paint, or color to a canvas. The process is extremely slow! This images took close to four hours to paint with light. Cool huh!!!

Louisiana Alligator Art

I knew you would love the process. If you want to see all of my art pieces, including this Louisiana Alligator Art piece named Alligator Intellect, you can go here:  https://art.kvphoto.com

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