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Doing Commercial Photography of Granite (Unlike Food Photography) certainly presents a bit of a problem. But thanks to Bayou Granite in Houma, LA it was super easy. In this blog post we are going to talk a bit about the shinny nature of granite and the lighting of it.

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Commercial Photography on Shinny Granite

The shinny nature of granite certainly presents a bit of a problem.Granite is polished and polished to a super shine and with that come some strange reflections if it is not done correctly. The look is that it is wet when it’s not. It’s just the the human eye, which is wet. If there were no reflection in the eye, it would not appear wet. If there were no reflection in granite it would also not appear shinny. So you need the reflection of the light, however you do not want that reflection to take away from the color, lines, and over all look of the granite.

As a professional commercial photographer, the real trick that you need to balance is the connection between the shine, reflection, line, shape and overall look of the granite. This granite from Bayou Granite is clearly top notch quality. The better the product the easier it is to photograph. In all of these image you can see a tiny bit of reflection in the granite, but it does not take away from the over all look of the product.

Commercial Photography Lighting Granite

The trick in Commercial Photography is to make the product look natural, just like it is in real life. The lighting is tricky because it can be over thought. In these images you can tell that the lighting is presenting the product in a real life environment, in the home. So, you need to not only like the product, but you need to light what is around the product. In the shower image the challenge was the dark nature of the granite. If you put too much light on it, the granite would wash out. But by putting just the right amount of light, the granite looks fantastic.

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