Seniors Start in 1 Month!!!

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We are asked all the time…WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DO MY SENIOR PORTRAITS?????

I have to say….OCTOBER!!! Why??? The sun is usually shining. The weather is awesome, cool, not hot…..And everything is GREEN!!!!

Of course it helps that in October we always have a super special….we give aways some free wallet sized photos. We offer all of our minimum orders at 1/2 the price! We also give away some free senior videos too. And a bunch of other stuff… FREE SETTING FEES!!!!

But this year, I wanted to tell everyone about this way cool thing that we will be offering. Everyone in the MONTH of October will get it for free. It’s ¬†your own personal, customer APP for your iPhone, iPad, or Android!!!! YES….customized just for you!!!!

Some of your favorite images will be inside this APP. You will be able to share it with your friends and they can have YOUR APP on there PHONE!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???!!!!!

So…book your appointment now!!!

See you in October!!!


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