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Why is Food Photography So Important?

Let’s face if, Food Photography is extremely important! Why? Because we eat with our eyes FIRST! How many times have you been looking at a commercial on television and you see a sizzling freshly cut steak, a buttery potato or vegetables, and a splash of crisp salad. Then all of a sudden you realize you are hungry! HUM….you ask, “….what am I in the mood for? Boy could I go for a steak, potato and a nice salad!”

If this has ever happened to you, then you just ate a meal with your eyes. The better that steak, potato and salad looks, the more hungry you get. Inside, before long you begin to smell it, taste it, and enjoy it!

This is why Professional Food Photography is so Important.

Food Photography – Desert!

One of the things advertisers and really great restaurants do and realize is that to sell you deserts it is even more difficult. You are done eating by the time you are ready for a desert. That means that you are full. Everything is telling you to get up from the table and go home! Your tummy is full, your belt is tight, your plate is scrapped over.

But then they pop out that desert menu. Those images have to be Spectacular! Why? Because, again, we eat with our eyes. If those deserts LOOK awesome, we again start tasting them, feeling the pleasure they bring to us when we eat them, and we just have to have them.

Check out these images we did for Zack’s Frozen Yogurt:

Food Photography Deserts Eat With Your Eyes Kirk VoclainFood Photography Deserts Eat With Your Eyes Kirk Voclain Food Photography Deserts Eat With Your Eyes Kirk Voclain Food Photography Deserts Eat With Your Eyes Kirk Voclain Food Photography Deserts Eat With Your Eyes Kirk Voclain

Are you starting to want a nice Zack’s Frozen Yogurt? Are you starting to take the wonderful flavors? Are you feeling the creamy smoothness in your mouth right now? Then that is because you have started eating this Zack’s Frozen Yogurt with your eyes.

Your Restaurant and Professional Photography

If you own a restaurant or any type of business that serve food of any kind. Then we can help you get more business. Imagine if you are a seafood restaurant. Everyone wants “Fat Crabs” and “Big Crawfish”. We can help you show that off and everyone will be going to you because you are the best! What if your restaurant is competing with a national chain? Go take a look a the Professional Photography inside of their menu’s and on their walls and displays. If you are not showing off BETTER images they they are, you are losing business to them. Stopping this trend can be as simple as some awesome, Professional Food Photography.

Let us help you and your business. Give us a call to talk about what we can do for you: 985-851-4314

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