Calling all 2013 Seniors…’s not just Pictures anymore!!!

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If you are a high school senior, and if you are reading this, you know that you want more than just pictures. Sure, sure, anyone can pick up a cell phone camera and snap a pix of you doing crazy stuff. I bet you have even done that yourself in the mirror!!!

But today, it’s all about having fun…and images that are up with the trends. Your senior portraits needs to showcase YOU, who you really are, right now!! The person on the inside as much as the person on the outside. It needs to be more than “just what you look like”!

You need images that focus on your love of life! Your hobbies, sports, cars, musical instruments, etc. We want to make every images something like nothing you have ever seen! Unique, different, spontaneous, and awesome!

For that reason, we don’t even charge a sitting fee!!! NOPE….zero, nothing, nada!!! We spend as much time as it takes….only photographing one senior at a time. You want to go on location? NO PROBLEM!!! You want something that nobody else has? NO PROBLEM!!!!   You want it….we can do it!

So do not settle for second best! So far….everything about this special year is “THE BEST”….make sure your senior pictures are “THE BEST” too!!!!

Make your appointment today, we have October Specials going on right now!

Call 985.851.4314

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