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Model Application

Do I want to photograph you? YES, because I am always looking for awesome models.

At the end of this narrative, you can fill out our application if you are still interested.
OR, you can go here: Model Application Form

What kind of models am I looking for?

My goal is to photograph as many people as I can. You don’t have to be super thin or one of the popular kids for me to photograph you.

But with that said, you do have to look pretty/handsome/good in front of the camera. What does that mean? Well, symmetry! That means you have good skin, pretty eyes, lips, etc. If people other than your family say, YOU ARE SO PRETTY/Handsome! You qualify

You should be in good health. That does not mean you have to be a skinny fashion model, but if you have trouble getting from your car to your house, or if you cannot go up stairs, probably you should pass a visit on your doctor first.

Where do you do the photography?

My home studio is located at 255 Sugarwood Blvd. Most of the photography I do is done there. However, if you are driving down the road and you see pretty yellow flowers on the side of the road and in the ditches, probably we will be taking some there too.

How much?

If I choose you, the short answer is NOTHING/zero. You get social media sized images, ready to post on your social media accounts. You will be required to sign a modeling release that allows me to use the images for my social media, marketing, and for stock photography.

I ask only one thing in exchange. Can you tell people about my photography services and ask them to follow my social media accounts. If you agree, we have a deal! 

I’m aspiring and I want to be paid as a model!

I think that is awesome! I admire your ambition and I love your goals. But the reality is, it very rare that a professional photographer pays a model. If you are hired to be a model in Vogue Magazine, well, the magazine, not the photographer, will pay you. 

More questions, GREAT, fill out the application and let’s communicate?

I will be in touch within 24-48 hours.