Showing Your Personality With Senior Pictures

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Your Personality Matters

As a High School Senior, what kind of personality do you have? Are you kinda shy? Out going? A sports nut? Book worm? Sarcastic? Funny? This questions really matters because your senior pictures will last forever. You will be showing those senior portraits to your great grand kids. For that reason you really want your personality to show. You want everyone to look at your senior pictures and just know who your are and what kind of person you are.

Alyssa’s Personality Comes Through

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Check out these senior portraits of Alyssa. It is obvious what her personality is. She is a total book worm. She reads all of the latest greatest, coolest books!!!! But that’s not all, you can see that little sarcastic side of her too in her senior portraits.

Alyssa was just so much fun to photograph because she was so deep off a person. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. It was just so much fun digging into her personality and pulling it out in images. Thank you so much Alyssa for coming to Kirk Voclain Photography for your senior portraits.

Experience Counts!

Now I want you to imagine Alyssa had gone to another photographer for her senior pictures? OH I’m sure she would have been stuck standing by a tree, standing in the middle of Main Street, and leaning on the edge of a curb. Here senior pictures would NOT have shown her personality to the full.

What about you? Will you trust your precious, once in a a lifetime senior portraits to just anyone? Kirk Voclain has been photographing senior for over 40 years! He has been at it since he was a high school senior! This kind of experience really matters! It’s EVERYTHING!!! So, only trust your senior pictures to someone who knows how to get that perfect smile, that subtle raise of the eyebrow that says you are sassy! That perfect little glint in your eye that everyone know if YOU!

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