Senior Pictures in Houma

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We love photographing Houma Senior Pictures at Kirk Voclain Photography! Check out these 3 sample images. As you can see we are always focus on lighting. WHY? Because LIGHTING IS THE KEY!!!!

Houma Senior PicturesGalliano Senior PicturesThibodaux Senior Pictures

Lighting is the difference between a picture taker (anyone with a cell phone) and a Professional Photographer. We have studied lighting for over 40 years. We take it very serious! If you are look for the best photographer for your Senior Pictures in Houma, or Thibodaux, or Galliano, we want to help!!!

Photography is not something we just do on the side, it’s full time for us. Experience is what will make the difference between senior pictures and senior portraits. You want your senior pictures to be the very best. You want them to look special, unique and totally cool!!!!

Go and look at what other photographers do, then go and take a look at our web site here: When you are there, you will want to click on the different segments of what we do:  Studio, Outside, and Location.  After that, you will then want to see how much we charge, go here:

To get you right to the download of your price list you can just CLICK OUR PRICE LIST.

Being we are on the subject of senior portraits and pricing for senior pictures, let me explain that we are the owners of all of our properties. That means we do not rent! For that reason, we can charge considerably less for senior pictures that those photographers who pay rent. Think about this carefully when you are considering who you will hire and who your will trusts to do your precious senior pictures that you have been waiting to do now for 12 long years.

We do not just tell you to stand over there and do something pretty. We carefully show you exactly what to do. So please, give us a call or look us up on facebook:



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