Fall Senior Pictures it’s that Time

I was photographing fall senior pictures up north a few years ago at a photography class that I was teaching. I was blown away at how awesome the colors and the style was for these fall senior pictures. I wanted to bring this style back to Houma, LA and so I did this year. You really have to know what you are doing to produce this style of pictures. But I feel the extra work is worth it. Take a careful look at these images and you will see how crazy cool they are. Fall senior pictures is not something that just happens in Houma, LA! You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN. You need the perfect lighting! The perfect tree, and the perfect pose.

if you would like for us to do some fall senior pictures. do not wait much longer. This style requires a certain look to the foliage. That look only happens at this time of the year. In a few weeks, all of the foliage will be gone and you will have missed out. Let us make some fall senior pictures for you today.

fall senior pictures downtown houma la senior boy water

fall senior pictures houma la senior girl bow arrow

fall senior pictures downtown houma la senior boy fall senior pictures season houma la senior girl

Great New about Fall Senior Pictures

The really, really great news about doing fall pictures is that we always have a discount this time of the year. All session fees are 1/2 price this time of the year (October, November and December). So, if you like this look and you want some fall senior pictures take advantage of the foliage along with the low, low pricing.

We want to be your high school señor picture photographer!!!!

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Pageant Pictures Houma LA

We want to do your Pageant Pictures. Are you looking to be a winner in the Ms. Photogenic Competition? We want to help! Give us a call, we love pageant pictures. So many things make up the perfect picture. Pay careful attention to all the things you can control like your make up and hair style. You want to do things that the judges will thing, “Wow, look at that! Now that is unique. I’ve never seen that before!” If you do that your pictures will have impact and that is by far one of the most important things you can have to have a winning picture.

pageant pictures houma la adult pageant pictures houma la miss teen pageant pictures houma la winners pageant pictures houma la youth

Pageant Pictures, we produce Winners

We have photographed so many winners of pageant pictures. There is a bit of a formula to it. You have to know what judges are looking for. You have to have the right facial expression. You have to know something about color and style and design. The good news for you is that we at Kirk Voclain Photography, know all of that cool stuff about photography because we have been studying it for well over 40 years. Take a look at the images on this. page. You will see what we are talking about. Do you see how in every image you are drawn straight to the eyes of the subject? That is just one of the many, many things we do with lighting, pose and style. Drop in some special color techniques and you have the winning formula for pageant pictures. We have has so many young ladies win that we have just stopped counting. Give us a call and let us help you. Even if you just want to talk about pricing and timing, clothing choices, makeup and hair styling. LET US HELP YOU BECOME THE WINNER THAT YOU ALREADY ARE.

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Senior Boy Downtown Houma LA

Are you looking for Senior Boy Downtown Houma, LA Ideas? We have a bunch for you to look at. These images are designed to show you that Downtown Senior Boy Senior Pictures do not have to be boring and stale. Let us help you find the perfect spot to do your senior pictures.

Senior Boy Downtown Houma, LA in the Fall Season

senior boy downtown houma la fall season

For this crazy cool image we were actually all done and walking back to the car to go back to my studio on Lafayette Street. When all of a sudden the sun shined on that tree and the colors just popped out!!! I could not leave this awesome location with out doing a classic portrait like this. You have to have a eye for color and style when you are photographing the High School Senior Boy. And if you are downtown Houma, LA you really have to keep your eye open.

Senior Boy Downtown Houma, LA by the Arch

senior boy downtown houma la arch

Can you believe the senior boy picture? I used to get my hair cut right here at this spot several years ago. How many times have I been right past here and never saw it. That is why when you are doing senior boy pictures downtown Houma, LA you have to be ready, eyes wide open and looking all the time. So many photographers have tunnel vision and they just go straight to the court house. YUCK, aren’t you sick of it? Everyone’s senior pictures all looking exactly the same??? I know I am and I’m not a high school senior boy.

Senior Boy Downtown Houma, LA in Black and White

senior boy downtown houma la black white

if you look very, very close at this image, especially if you print it, you will see a fine grain over the image that make it have a very “film look”. This look is something you can only achieve if you really, really know editing. It’s not just a filter like you use in Instagram?!?! This is a special process that you learn with years, and years of experience. If you want high school senior boy images that have that strong and classic look, that “film look”, give us a call!!!!

Senior Boy Downtown Houma, LA by Smoky Row

senior boy downtown houma la smoky row

Here is a fun shot by the big Smoky Row sign that was put up several years ago by Hollywood. But the twist of this image is the time of day that it was done. It was early in the morning and there was strong sunlight coming all across this young man. If you know lighting, like the back of your hand, this is no problem. But if you are just starting out in photography, you would really be perplexed on what to do in this situation. Do not hire a photographer who clicks and clicks and clicks HOPING to get a good image, hire an experienced photographer who know just what to do to make it perfect.

Senior Boy Downtown Houma with his Hoody

senior boy downtown houma la hoody

I love photographing a hoody, I think it make you look really tough! and it makes you look strong! Please if you have a hoody, bring it, we want to make you good! The hoody is part of the secret. But knowing where to put you so that the light comes in and make you look the best you can, now that is talent. You get that kind of talent with well over 40 years of experience. Give us a call, we want to make you look good!!!!

Senior Boy Downtown Houma, LA on the Back Door

senior boy downtown houma la back door

Let’s face it, anyone can take a picture! Anyone! You have a camera in your pocket right now! You know how to take pictures. But, take a crazy spot like the back door of a building in Downtown Houma, LA and make it good, now that is something that requires an “Artful Eye”. Do not trust your precious senior pictures to just anyone. Experience Counts and when it has to be the best, count on a professional photographer who has well over 40 years of experience.

We want to be your high school senior boy photographer! We want to show you how to pose, what to do and where to go. You do not have to do any thinking, you will not have to know what to do! We take control and we show you exactly what will look the best. Give us a call or check out our web site and let us help!!!

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Senior Girl Downtown Houma LA

Are you looking for some Senior Girl photographed in the Downtown Houma, LA area? Well you have come to the right place. I have so many awesome ideas to share! So, sit back and get ready to be blown away at what you can get when you combine experience with an awesome location!

Senior Girl Downtown Houma with Cap and Gown    senior girl downtown houma la cap & Gown

Todays Senior Girl is not interested in the boring old cap and gown pictures like their momma took. We take that to a new level of awesomeness with todays senior girl. You are looking for style, design, color, and most of all you are looking for a photographer who knows lighting to make you look your very best. Anyone can take a picture! You have a camera in your pocket right now and you know how to take a picture. But it’s more than that if you want to look awesome! Is all of the things we just talked about and most of all it’s the experience of the photographer behind the camera. Kirk Voclain Photographer has been photographing the High School Senior Girl since we were in High School!!! That’s over 40 years of experience. Do not trust. your precious memories to just anyone. When you have to have the best, Experience Counts!!!!!

Senior Girl Downtown Houma, LA Curbside.

senior girl downtown houma la curbside

If you watch photographers who do not know what they are doing you will see them walking about with their camera around their neck, clicking and clicking and clicking!!! Hundreds if not thousands of clicks! When you hear that shutter going click, click, click, that means they are just hoping they get something right! Let’s face it, even a broken clock is right 2 times durning the day!!! Hahahaha!!! We did this senior image in just one click! HOW you ask, we know where you put you, we “see” the light and the style and design, because we have studied this for so long. Little subtle things that you think just mean nothing add to this image. Notice the awning over the senior girls head. This is the biggest reason this image is so awesome. That awning is what is directing the light into her face and producing that lighting that is just so flattering. It’s natural, just there and perfect, ready for the taking, if you know where to look for it. So, do not trust a photographer who is walking around with a huge bulky light with a big ole umbrella on it!!! They are walking around with that because they do not know how to find that beautiful natural light that is all around us.

Senior Girl Downtown Houma, LA on the Sidewalk

senior girl downtown houma la sidewalk

When you walk around downtown houma with a senior girl you will see so many cool things. Like this image just sitting there…waiting to be photographed. While I was doing this picture the senior girls mom ask me if we were going to the court house? I said no way, that area is photographed to death! Every photographer that goes downtown Houma, LA will take the senior into the court house area. Aren’t you sick of it? Everyone’s senior pictures all look the same. Hire a photographer who has vision, who sees the style and the excitement of Downtown Houma!!!

Senior Girl Downtown Houma, LA at the Cafe’

senior girl downtown houma la cafe

When you can do senior girl pictures that look like they should be in a magazine you have really done something. This senior girl is not a model, she is not schooled in posing and modeling. She looks like a model in a magazine because she trusted us to help her pose and go to an area in Downtown Houma, LA where she would look like a model in a magazine. If you want your High School Senior Pictures to be like a model in a magazine you have to trust a photographer this lots and lots of experience. It is not accident that this image looks like it does, it’s SKILL!!!

Senior Girl Downtown Houma, LA by the Bricks

senior girl downtown houma la bricks

A classic head shot will always make for an exciting high school senior girl portrait. This image is also done downtown Houma, LA and is a spot we have used for certain outfits and certain people. We do not do everyone here. You have to know something about style and color and color theory to know what will complement the High School Senior Girls skin color and complexion and clothing choice. It all has to come together to produce a portrait that is timeless, something that will be popular for many, many years.

Senior Girl Downtown Houma in Black and White

senior girl downtown houma la black&white

To truly do first class Black & White photography, you have to know all kinds of technical things like the Zone System, contrast, angle, and mostly you have to know what kind of lighting will add to a Black and White portrait and not take away from it. This is what happens when you hire a photographer with experience. Someone to knows and studies all these things.

If you are convinced that you want the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER in all of Downtown Houma, LA! Give us a call or check out our web site. We want to make your senior pictures something that you will be proud of when you have Grand Children!!!!

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Amazing Real Estate Photo 701 Bayou Road in Thibodaux

701 Bayou

This truly is an amazing piece of property in Thibodaux, LA. The real estate photo was done from the air over the lot next door. This lot is for sale also. The address is:  701 Bayou Road in Thibodaux, LA. You really, REALLY need to see this amazing home. The detail, the perfection, and you will be SHOCKED at the price…..I see a whole lot of real estate and I was blow away at the price they are asking…SOMEONE IS GOING TO GET A REALLY GOOD DEAL!!!!! If you would like to take a look contact Tiffany Rabalis with Premier Properties.

Food Photography in Houma | New Orleans | Louisiana

Food Photography Houma New Orleans Louisiana

Food Photography is truly an Art. If someone can photograph food they can photograph just about anything. Take al look at the image of the Brownie, does it make you want it? Do you sorta begin to taste it, just by looking at it? If you answered yes, then we did our job as a Food Photographer. In food Photography, there are subtle and slight changes to the light, focus, angle and pose that forces your eye to the exact spot that the photographer and advertiser wants you to look! In this sample of food Photography of the brownie, do you see how you are forced to look at the cherry on the top of the ice cream? Sure you do! Take note that this is the sharpest part of the image. This makes you look right at that spot. Do you see how the red cherry is sitting in an overall area of white? The ice cream under the cherry and the plate behind it are all white. This makes the cherry the thing of greatest contrast in this image. Again, this is a trick to make you look at a specific spot. It makes you want that cherry and this is the goal of the advertiser. There are so many tittle factors like this in food Photography. These are just some of the factors that go into food Photography. We have not even talked about the purpose of the spoon, the color of the table, and the angle of the plate. All these things are carefully planned, thought about, and factored into when doing great food Photography.

Kirk Voclain Photography has been carefully learning the true Art of Food Photography for decades! It this much detail and thought goes into a single plate of brownies and ice cream with a cherry on top, can you imagine how much thought goes into a senior portrait, a baby picture, or a family portrait?

When it just has to be the best, experience counts! We have over 40 years in professional photography! Give us a call and let us help you with your needs. Even if it’s something as complex as food Photography!!

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